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This site is dedicated to all the beautiful +size women of the world. Realwomen is a place where you can become part of a community of other women just like you - wonderful, supportive, inspiring women who value themselves for what they are, as real women!

We provide a community for +sized women that offers support and education and champions size and self acceptance. We promote healthy lifestyles and healthy minds because that is what leads to healthy bodies, above all else.

We, as a community, will be here through your thick and thin moments and will do our best to provide you with the information and support to see you through them. Realwomen’s world isn’t about a choice between being happy as you are or striving to make a change, it’s about being there for you, whatever you are wanting from your tomorrows.

We have recently launched a new look, redeveloped site and hope you enjoy it! Keep an eye out for new features as they become available. Become a member and come with us towards a future where being +sized isn’t a label, it’s just a thing you happen to be.

Kind regards

Sheryl and Lise


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Do you agree with bakers being made to add folic acid to all bread?

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